Tour de Dufflet: 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy riders ...

Sorry that we didn't get your names, but here are a couple of shots of Tour de Dufflet participants last Saturday as they cycled to our Uptown cafe (2638 Yonge St.) and sampled some anniversary cake too!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birgit & Natalie ride the tour

To everyone at Dufflets!

We just wanted to say how much we appreciated everyone going out of their way to help us do the Tour de Dufflet! We had a wonderful day of cycling around the City and enjoyed all the treats immensely!

Thanks again, Birgit & Natalie

Birgit & Natalie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tour de Dufflet FAQ

What does the registration fee get me?
Registration fee is not required until you begin your ride, and your $5 will be donated to a local bicycle charity. When you register in person at any Dufflet cafe, you will receive a Dufflet musette bike bag with a map and a passport. With each Dufflet location that you visit you will receive refreshments, and your completed passport gets you a gift certificate and a chance to win in our prize draw at the end of Bike Month!

How many Dufflet cafes do I have to visit, and does it have to be done in one day?
To be eligible for the prize draws, you must visit all 3 locations in one day (from 10am to 5pm anyday EXCEPT Mondays).

To ride the tour, you visit your beginning location twice - the first time to register and pick up your Passport, souvenir bag and map, and at the end to receive the 3rd stamp in your passport. You can visit the locations in any order that suits you.

You will have your choice of refreshments at Stamp locations 1 and 2 - this will be Dufflet bottled water or coffee and a choice of something sweet (like a bar, brownie, cookie etc) or something savoury (like a spanokopita, samosa or slice of pizza).

At the final location (Stamp 3 and the cafe that you started from) you will hand in your passport to be eligible for a grand prize drawing and will receive a gift certificate for $5 off your next Dufflet purchase.

Feedback from participants
We'd love to list your hints, tips, comments and photos on our Blog and Flickr sites - just send an email to for instructions.

Tour de Dufflet muzette bags

Friday, May 9, 2008

Get Out There

Thanks to everyone who's written to to let us know that they're planning to participate in our first Tour De Dufflet. Remember, you don't have to formally register until the day that you plan to ride, but we love hearing from you and your enthusiastic feedback is sweet!

Be sure to pick up the current issue of Get Out There magazine for notes and tips regarding Bike Month in Toronto. We're delighted that they've mentioned the Tour de Dufflet in their events section, and they've even included the link to a back issue that profiled Dufflet Rosenberg a couple of years ago. Check out page 16 of the March/April 2006 issue to read up on how the "Queen of Cake" stays fit!

Get Out There, May2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introducing the Tour de Dufflet

Get a little exercise and something sweet by cycling to all 3 Dufflet retail café locations in one day. Registered participants will receive a souvenir gift, something sweet and other goodies by cycling to each Dufflet cafe and having their Tour de Dufflet Passport stamped when they arrive.

The Tour de Dufflet will run daily (except Mondays) throughout Bike Month beginning May 27th until June 21st (from 10 am to 5 pm). The registration fee of $5 per participant will be donated to a bicycle friendly charity and will enter your name for a grand prize draw at the end of Bike Month.

You may pre-register beginning April 22nd via email to or in person at any of our Dufflet stores. After May 27th you may register at any location by dropping in prior to beginning your ride. Your registration fee is not required until the day you pick up your passport and begin your tour.

Fun for the whole family, we welcome your photos, route tips and comments to be posted on the Tour de Dufflet blog ( - please send your info and/or images to

Take the Tour de Dufflet challenge - a sweet way to get outside!

DUFFLET PASTRIES café locations;
Downtown: 787 Queen St. West
Uptown: 2638 Yonge Street
Beach: 1917 Queen St. East